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School Song

School Song


We’re proud to gather here at Currajong today,

We come to live and learn and work and play.

We’ve gathered from the Dreamtime or far across the sea,

We come to share our stories and build one family.


We are The Marian School, together you and me,

All are welcome here, we strive for love and peace,

And we will share that love with everyone we see,

At Marian we strive for love and peace.


We try to follow Jesus, we hear his words each day,

Mary, his mother shows the way.

We see creation’s beauty around us everywhere,

We’re called to guard the future, to treasure and to care.


We know that families matter in this very special place,

We care for each other every day.

We always do our best, we help each other shine,

We travel on together to the mountains we must climb.