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Our school employs expert teachers, trained and practiced in helping students achieve their potential. We also employ a number of specialist teachers in languages, music, technology and physical education.

Catholic Education teachers are given multiple opportunities each year for quality professional development and they are expected to actively embrace change for improved student outcomes. We believe in the value of being life-long learners and we strive to be authentic role models for our students.

Principal Mrs Kylie Helmore
Acting APRE Sonia Wintour

Teacher List 2023

Prep Bilbies - Selina Miller
Koalas - Tahnee McCahon
Echidnas - Jayde Byrne 
Year 1   Potoroos - Isabella Concar
Platypus - Nola Hanna 
Possums - Kerry Tatnell
Year 2 Wombats - Sally Hannah
Wallabies - Sarah Cusack 
Year 3   Eucalypts - Kylie Haynes 
Grevillea - Jodye Hunt 
Year 4  Banksia - Cassie Matthews (Mon-Wed)
Banksia - Sara Meikle (Thu-Fri) 

Acacia - Jody Van Wessel 

Year 5  Kookaburras - Karen Casey 
Sunbirds - Nikki Robinson
Year 6  Senior 1 - Brooke Campbell

Senior 2 - Peter Bowater  
Learning and Teaching Advisor Jo Stower
Inclusive Practices  Aimee Miller - Prep to Yr2
(Tues - Thur)
Sally Hawke - Yrs 3 to 6
STEAM Jasmine Laguna  
PE Corinn Westcott
Music Katrina Doyle
Japanese Beth Hall (Prep - Yr 3)
Joanne Weir (Yr 4-6)
Indigenous Education Therese Cowley 
Co-teaching Ashley Connellan 
Guidance Counsellor Judy Scherrenberg
Library Officer Erica McCann
Chaplain Sonia Wintour 

Support Staff

Finance Secretary Annissa Miller
Office Administrator

Sue Morgan (Mon - Wed)

Kerry Stevens (Thurs & Fri) 

Tuckshop Jenny Dominguez
Groundsman Michael Stevens

Alicia Myles

Melinda Tolentino

Kerry Stevens