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Mission Statement

Marian Catholic School is named after Mary the Mother of Jesus. The school grew from Religious Orders – Christian Brothers, Good Samaritan Sisters and Sisters of Mercy – and their passion for the education of the young. Marian Catholic School, enriched by their legacy, has a mission to enact – “What really matters” 

Families Matter

We acknowledge that families are the first and most important influence in a child’s life. Each family is welcomed and is very important to Marian Catholic School.  As one family we live and learn in partnership all taking ownership and responsibility for the community. Our community invites all members to be actively involved in the practice of the Catholic faith.

  • We tell the message of Jesus through our actions.
  • We collaborate.
  • We support, care and appreciate.
  • We listen with the ear of the heart. 

Each Child Matters

We develop each child in a holistic way knowing they are a child of God. Each child will have an ownership of their learning; they feel part of it. They learn to understand, respect and relate well to others.  No child is left out or left behind regardless of their capability.

  • They are known and recognised.
  • Friends are important to them.
  • They will have emotional and academic success.  

Catholic Education Matters

Quality Catholic Education which is challenging, engaging and rewarding, is about developing life long learners who bear witness to our Catholic faith.  Friendly, caring, competent, qualified staff perform to professional standards while delivering a rich curriculum; a curriculum accessible to all.•       We will teach and live the Gospel Values.

  • We will run empowered and inclusive classrooms.
  • Teaching will focus on a core curriculum but will also foster diverse capabilities of each individual.
  • In partnership with others we strive to ‘close the gap’ for those who are indigenous and those in need.
  • We are productive users of technology as a foundation for success in all learning areas. 

The Environment Matters

We take pride in our safe, peaceful, welcoming environment where all are treated with respect. As global citizens stewardship of our environment is important to us all.  Our school reflects a variety of cultures especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

  • Everybody has a right to feel safe.
  • Strong school spirit is fostered through support of each other.
  • We maintain a clean, green and accessible learning environment.  

Leadership Matters

There is a visible leadership which is caring, supportive and demanding.  Leadership is shared throughout the school community.  Witness is an essential part of leadership as well as keeping a staff radiant and full of life.

  • Effective open communication is prized.
  • Leadership is present and accessible, active and passionate.
  • Leadership is attentive to all areas of management. 

A special place to belong. Because everyone matters.


Principal: Mr Michael Colahan

Corcoran Street
Currajong QLD 4812

P: (07) 4759 5888
F: (07) 4759 5899
E: marian@tsv.catholic.edu.au

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We are in week 7 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019