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Parents & Friends

Marian Catholic School Parents and Friends' Association meets once a month and all parents are encouraged to join this body.

For our parent body to be effective, we need an active, enthusiastic group to discuss areas of common interest, to problem-solve, to develop our school to its maximum potential, to improve the school's environment, to fundraise, and to provide feedback to the Principal and Staff.  Meeting times and dates are advertised in the weekly newsletter. 

The P & F are available via email as follows:  pandf@marian.catholic.edu.au

The meetings for 2021 are as follows:


No meeting


P & F Meeting 10 May


P & F Meeting 14 June


P & F Meeting 12 July


P & F Meeting 9 August


P & F Meeting 13 September


P & F Meeting 11 October


P & F Meeting 8 November

The 2021 Executive Committee


Michelle Boorer

 Vice President
Jackie Hankin
Meredith Glover

Katie Egan


Principal: Mrs Kylie Helmore

Corcoran Street
Currajong QLD 4812

P: (07) 4759 5888
F: (07) 4759 5899
E: marian@tsv.catholic.edu.au

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